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Sustainability Initiative in the Marginal Seas of South and East Asia (SIMSEA)

A project developed in Asia to meet the requirement for transformative change towards global sustainability

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SIMSEA Objectives

  • To co-design an integrative programme that would establish pathways to sustainability of the Marginal Seas of South and East Asia
  • To play a catalytic role, among projects and programmes, facilitate cooperation, and close gaps in science for the benefit of societies

SIMSEA Programme Vision

An international alliance of physical, ecological and social scientists working together to generate policy and community-relevant knowledge towards sustainability of the marginal seas of South and East Asia


Marginal Seas Vision

“Resilient Seas and Nations”

  • sustainable fisheries
  • conservation of marine biodiversity
  • adaptation to climate change
  • blue economy
  • nations with ocean literacy
  • healthy seas for human well-being
  • appropriate governance

What’s New?

Stakeholder consultation for the Belmont Collaborative Research Action

Science Steering Committee in Focus

Dr. Toshio Yamagata

Dr. Toshio Yamagata started his career in the field of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics in 1973 and has published about 200 articles in peer-reviewed international journals in the fields of physical oceanography and climate dynamics. His early work includes introduction of...

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Future Earth Open Network

“ The SIMSEA Programme Office and the ICSU ROAP are facilitating the development of projects for 2015-2020 ”