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Dr. Marie Antonette Juinio-Meñez is a Professor of The Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. She is also a member of the SIMSEA Scientific Committee.

Her research and extension work focuses on the development of science-based fishery management and culture of high value marine invertebrates using an integrated socio-ecological framework. This approach is illustrated in the pilot studies to rebuild depleted populations of sea urchins and sea cucumbers involving fishers, local government and other partners linked to sustainable coastal livelihoods. For broader application in the archipelago, the multidisciplinary research program includes determination of genetic and biophysical connectivities (e.g. larval dispersal models) coupled with adaptive spatio-temporal planning.  These consider conservation of genetic diversity in improving culture production given different vulnerabilities to seasonal weather variations (e.g. monsoonal/storm frequency) in different areas.

She is looking forward to linking up with other researchers in the region with related interests.

A short article for the proceedings of the recent SEAFDEC Regional Symposium can be viewed at this link: file:///C:/Users/sheen/Downloads/MAJM%20SEAFDEC%20Symposium%20Pattaya%202015.pdf

Get to know her more at http://www.msi.upd.edu.ph/?page_id=887