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Sample key research topics for implementation in 2015-2020

Dynamic Planet

  1. Spatial and temporal scales for assessing sustainability of coastal and marine ecosystems services
  2. Extent of cumulative effects of climate change and extreme weather events impacts on marine environments, biodiversity, humans and livelihoods
  3. Tipping points and resilience of marginal seas in relation to global change
  4. Impacts of priority pollutants on marine organisms and humans
  5. Relationships between rapid urbanization and extent of marine pollution effects associated with changing urban and rural landscapes

Sustainable Development

  1. Consequences of economic growth strategies on socio-economic and environmental well-being
  2. Mechanisms to define balance, trade-offs and cultural bottom lines in resources use
  3. Ocean health and its indicators in different regions
  4. Establishing ecologically coherent networks of locally managed marine areas including MPAs

Transformations towards Sustainability

  1. Building local community capabilities towards sustainability
  2. Co-developing and co-learning plausible alternative pathways toward sustainability
  3. Fostering ocean views among resource planners, users and managers
  4. Cultural and other determinants of unity and wise use of resources in the marginal seas

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